Walters Workshops - A haven for creatives!

This old Victorian engineering works now houses a community of small to medium sized businesses with a big focus around music. Over the years many famous bands have recorded here including Arctic Monkeys and Munford & Sons.

Initially interested in renewing the industrial story behind these old buildings the opportunity to work with Rachael Harvey Designs and be part of the remodelling of the studios was fantastic. Rachael specialises in interior design of industrial buildings and loves restoring them, ensuring she balances modern elements with the buildings historic past.


Urban Metalworks were commissioned to supply industrial benches to furnish the lobby and hallway. To fit in with the old brick walls the solid oak wood was distressed and finished in a dark antique wax. The steel frames were powder coated in a textured black aged finish to complement the wood.




After receiving great praise for the benches we were asked to make all the door plates for the studios. As the doors were renovated from the original building the plates needed to be befitting of the industrial era. The look was created by using the same textured black finish on the metal plates along with black chunky door bolts. Each business would have their own old fashioned style name plate which was placed behind a glass cut-out.  


Our work was also noted by studio holders and before long we were commissioned to make a bespoke recording desk for one of the studio holders. An interesting project that had some challenges – we had to consider the acoustics including cancelling out, or deadening any unwanted harmonics potentially created by the steel. This involved filling the hollow frame with polystyrene. We needed to ensure the measurements of the frame were exact to the mm so that the recording equipment fitted perfectly into the desk as there was no room for error. The Ash wood we selected was set inside the frame and finished with a clear wax. This contrasted beautifully with the chunky black frame. 


It has been great to visit Walter’s Workshop on several occasions and see it develop. Seeing the recording studio in operation with our desk a key part of that is highly satisfying. To hear that Adele had been at the studio the week before fills me with excitement. You never know but one day someone famous might be recording at our desk or sat on one of our benches!



As the workshop comes to completion we have one last job to do. The exterior door plates to finish and a designer lamp-post for the courtyard. I am looking forward to visiting and seeing the final piece – Hopefully not for the last time!

To find out more about these interesting studios have a look at the website

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